Gender Discrimination in High School

Marc has wanted to be a cheerleader ever since he can remember. His older sisters were all cheerleaders. His mother was a cheerleading captain. Even his grandmother cheered when she was in high school. So the most anticipated day of Marc’s freshman year of high school was the date selected for cheerleading tryouts. Marc had added his own flair to his sisters’ routines and spent innumerable hours perfecting his moves. His mother and sisters have assured him that he is much better than any of them ever were. Even his best friend, Ana is very impressed. Her routine isn’t nearly as flawless but she’s only trying out for the team to support Marc. On audition day, Marc performs his entire set to thunderous applause from the other hopeful cheerleaders. The girls on the squad come up to him afterwards to congratulate him on his choreography and ask him to show them how to incorporate some flips into their current routine. Marc is on top of the world and races to the board at the end of the school day to see if his name is on the roster as one of the newest cheerleaders at his school. He reads down the list and sees Ana made the cut but his name is nowhere on the sheet. He lifts the sheet of paper to see if there are names on the back but it is blank. Marc is heart-broken.

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Gender Discrimination in High School

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